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A Beautiful Backyard Studio

This is an absolutely fanatastic space to take a breather. Lots of light coming in from the french doors and plenty of windows. This is a 10' x 20' structure with a 36" overhang. The possibilites are really endless with this space - set up an easel and start painitng - bring in a big old stuffed chair and a good book - or maybe store all of your fishing and hunting equipment - hey, how about a table and some chairs and having some parties in there. Well, we'll leave that up to your imagination.

Unique Garden Sheds prepares the site and pad for your shed and builds an attractive base. We work with you to create the look that you want.


Getaway by the Pond

Check this out - This shed owner wanted a little "getaway" right next to their beautiful pond. Soon there will be some comfy rockers on the porch for sitting and listening to birds and frogs and all of the outdoors.

We layed in fieldstones around the outer edges to add some character and help to keep in place the runner crush.