The Unique Tiki Bar is like a slice of tropical paradise right in your own backyard. The tiki bar provides convenience, fun and elegance. So break out the Mai Tai's and Pina Coladas and call your friends and family. Let the party begin!

Tiki Bars are customized to your specifications. Options include extra doors, windows, counters, shelves, sink, lighting. Also choose from a variety of siding and roofing.

We think that you'll really enjoy your own Unique Tiki bar. We can build them in a variety of styles and sizes. Have some custom shelves put on the inside for your favorite bottles and glesses. Above photo shows an option of a faux stone front which really adds a custom finish to the bar. Let's face it - being New Yorkers - we don't get too many months to get outside - so let's make the best of it. Maybe even have a Kareoke night at your new neighborhood Tiki Bar.

Space-saving accordian windows give this Tiki Bar a charming look. All of your guests will want to belly up to the bar for their umbrella drink.

There's plenty of storage space for all of your food and drink supplies. Plenty of space for a fridge and extra shelving. We know all you bartenders out there have probably got all sorts of ideas running around your head to decorate and accessorize your very own Unique Tiki Bar.


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